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Rainbow Hub Waikato aims to foster safe, accepting, and inclusive spaces for people of diverse gender and sexuality. We embrace empowering all identities to be their true authentic selves. This is done by working with rainbow communities, whānau, schools, and organisations to deliver educational training and support within the Waikato/Hauraki region. 

Our Education Service Prospectus


Our engagement with schools covers a wide array of services to ensure staff and students are well equipped in sexual and gender diversity and inclusion. This includes professional learning and development training for teachers, advice and support in establishing rainbow inclusion within your school and ensuring safe and inclusive spaces for all students.

We support schools to implement and maintain queer straight alliance/rainbow diversity groups and connect students with social support networks including our diverse range of youth groups.

We deliver tailored sexuality and gender diversity education for health and wellbeing, and are able to align these with unit standards and learning outcomes. Lastly, we are able to connect students with rainbow inclusive support services for rangatahi in need.


Rainbow Hub Waikato strives to support community organisations who have identified the need to embrace intersectionality between our communities. Understanding gender and sexual diversity, and the identities that exist within our rainbow communities are essential for best practice and relationships within community organizations.

We deliver workshops and seminars for community organisations based on their needs and the specific communities they are supporting. All workshops are designed based on the community organisations areas where education, training and upskilling is identified.

Topics include gender and sexual diversity, barriers to accessing services for the rainbow community, creating inclusive practices for all staff and service users, Indigenous queer culture – the history of sexuality and gender, and discrimination and performative allyship


Many businesses and organisations have identified the need to ensure their workplaces are safe and inclusive for all staff, including those who identify with diverse gender and sexual identities. To perform to the best of their ability, all staff need to feel supported and seen.

Rainbow Hub Waikato is able to deliver training for all staff, including management of professional organisations to ensure their workplace is meeting the needs and rights of members from the rainbow community, as well as the people they engage with.

We are able to review policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive, and support organisations to make changes within their structure, facilities and communication to meet their obligations and grow into a space of rainbow competency.

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