Schools Outreach Programme

Our engagement with schools covers a wide array of services including professional learning and development training for teachers, advice and support in establishing rainbow inclusion within schools, and ensuring safe and inclusive spaces for all students.

We support schools to implement rainbow support groups and connect students with social support networks. We also deliver tailored sex, gender, and sexual diversity education for health and wellbeing, and are able to align these with unit standards and learning outcomes.

Lastly, we are able to connect students with rainbow-inclusive support services for rangatahi in need including support from our support team who specifically help and guide rainbow community members.

To enquire please contact [email protected].

Our Services:

Staff Workshops

Staff Workshops – Our staff professional learning and development workshops are designed to help teachers support their diverse students and ensure that their school and learning environment is a safe space.

Student Workshops

Student Workshops – Our student workshops are designed to help young people better understand themselves and their peers. Diverse students need support, understanding and acknowledgement.

Rainbow Support Groups

Rainbow Support groups – We are able to connect with already established rainbow support groups to help them feel supported, and connect with students & staff who are wanting to establish these groups within their school.

The Rainbow Pride Group resource – Free PDF


With the incredible mahi of Rainbow Hub Waikato’s Education & Schools team, we are proud to present the Rainbow Pride Group Resource!

This booklet is an instructional guidebook intended to empower the reader to start and maintain their own school pride group.

This resource contains over fifteen bright and eye-catching pages, each full-to-the-brim with practical tips, tricks, experience-based advice, and guidance.

Featured within this resource is an expansive and comprehensive rainbow glossary covering everything from gender to sexuality, including Maaori and indigenous identities/labels.

This resource is completely free to download!