Meet the Board

Co-Chair Carley Kaizen – They/She.

Carley is a Co-Chair for the Board of Trustees. Carley joined the board after learning about RHW and the amazing mahi they are doing in the Waikato for our rainbow whaanau. Carley is a practising counsellor with a focus in gender affirming care addiction recovery, and trauma informed practice. Carley prides themselves on providing a judgement free space for affirming, honest, and authentic healing to flourish.

Co-Chair Richard Jin – He/Him.

 Richard is also a Co-Chair for the Board of Trustees. He is the “auntie” for the trustees, chases people around and leads the pace at a board meeting. He’s been involved in inclusive sports since 2018, then moved to Kirikiriroa in 2023 for his own studies, and that was the time he joined the board of Rainbow Hub Waikato. As the current Co-chair, he is committed to ensuring the organisation is empowering our queer community within the Waikato region.

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Esmarelda Reid – She/Her.

Esmarelda is a board member and was asked by a friend to join the board to be a younger voice, and she aims to be just that. She is very happy helping out wherever she’s needed, and aims to help keep RHW the safe and welcoming space it was for her when she first found it.

Louise Ratcliffe – She/They

Louise is a board member here to support the Rainbow Hub kaupapa in any way she can. She is into arts and crafts, DnD and occasionally performing on stage. She is also a parent of 3 teenagers.

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Penny D. Boyce – She/Her.

Formerly the chairperson for 2022 & 2023, Penny has stepped down to a regular board member to allow other members to gain skills and take charge for a while. Penny has a big personal drive to make the world a better place and since she loves spreadsheets so much, being on the board is just one more way she can help to make a positive impact.

Sarah Morrison – She Her.

Sarah is a board member and believes strong, successful businesses need to include diversity. She is passionate that people have places and people to support and encourage their growth.

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Shayne Hunter – She/Her

Shayne is a counsellor with a passion for helping people achieve their goals and living their best lives. She is a member of the board of trustees with the goal of helping our community flourish and grow.

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