Our online support hub RHW Online is available for any person in Aotearoa to connect around sex, gender and sexual diversity!


You might be looking for some support for yourself, or a loved one.We are here for you!


Our online support hub will be active from 2-6pm, Mondays and Thursdays. Just click on the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner of our website to get in touch with us!



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Connect with our support team here! > auto message “Kia ora!

We chat live Mondays and Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm – jump on the chat during those hours to strike up a conversation. If you send us a message outside of those hours, we’ll get back when we’re online!”> Intro who is one and avatar aka Nate and nates face





Is this confidential?> Absolutely – we don’t collect any details about you, the only thing that is captured is your IP address. If you want to get more support, we’ll ask to get some details from you such as your email address.

Once we’ve finished chatting we immediately archive your messages. Our messaging software software is password protected and only available for RHW’s support team to access.



What if I want more support?> We recommend referring yourself to our free support service by clicking Contact us form link – it’ll only take a minute, and we’ll get back to you within 4 business days. We can support you over email, chat or face to face – we can figure out the mode that is right for you 🙂


Do I have to talk about gender, sexuality, or being intersex?>Nope – we welcome rainbow people who would just love a friendly chat!

If we are talking to a lot of folks on a particular day, we might have to prioritise those who are getting in touch to talk about issues or things relating to their rainbow identity. If so, we’ll let you know 🙂


Am I talking to a real person?> Yes! So please be kind!)

Our support team consists of Nathan, Sese, Tabitha, Skylar, Jess and James – you’ll be talking to one of us! Our team link


What kind of support will I get?>  We’re a peer-to-peer social support service – what that means is that you’ll be chatting to a fellow rainbow person . we’re here to talk with you and explore what’s happening in your life.

We aren’t trained counsellors or therapists, so if you need mental health support we can help you to connect with a rainbow-friendly mental health professional!


I need urgent help>There are a few options that are available for you 24/7:


If you’re in immediate danger (if your or someone else’s physical safety is in danger, or you or someone else is suicidal) please call 111 and ask to speak to the police.


Lifeline is available for people who are in distress of any kind, for any reason – call 0800 543 354 or free txt 4357 to talk to a counsellor.


Suicide Crisis Helpline is available for anyone who is thinking about suicide – free call 0508 828 865 to talk to a counsellor. Please call the police if you or someone else is at immediate risk of suicide.


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Groups> What groups are running, where and when are they?

GROUP PAGE LINK  has a list of all our  groups, with information about them. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the handy calendar.